The Empire on which “The Sun Never Set”

Britain at its height was said to be "the empire on which the sun never sets"

Britain at its height was said to be "the empire on which the sun never sets"

The British Empire comprised dominions across the globe,originally colonies and overseas trading posts which in coming times would start to dominate the land on which they settled.Being about the 17th through 19th centuries England amassed the largest empire in history.Until the first world war,with America gradually emerging over England,they held sway over about 500 million people,at that time it was about a quarter of earth’s population.

The Age of Discovery in the 15th and 16th centuries made Spain and Portugal pioneers of  exploration,taking for themselves land along North and South America.England,France and the Netherlands rushed to claim pieces of America as well as Asia.Establishing trade networks throughout the earth.A series of wars between England and an alliance of other European nations left England dominant in North America and India.In 1781 with the complete loss of the thirteen colonies in North America,England,dealt a heavy blow,turned its attention elsewhere.

In 1815 with Napoleon’s defeat at Waterloo,England dominated nations across the globe,by the 20th century with the first world war,England started to decline in its power,while America became the largest economically,with rapid innovations in technology that are commonplace today.Gradually,up to the 1990’s  independence movements started,most prominently with India and Mohandas Gandhi.the decline of England would climax in 1999 with Hong Kong being made independent from England’s  governance


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